Municipal adult education (Komvux or Vuxenutbildning) is for students who need to study courses at the elementary or upper secondary level but are too old to study in elementary school or upper secondary school.

BRvux (short for BoråsRegionens VUXenutbildning) is the adult vocational education in the region of Borås (Boråsregionen)

What is Boråsregionen or BRvux?

Boråsregionens is a region in south west of Sweden, nearby Gothenburg. BRvux is the adult education focus on the students who need an education. and live in the city Borås and the seven surrounding municipalities that made up the Borås region. The municipalities are Mark, Svenljunga, Bollebygd, Ulricehamn, Herrljunga, Vårgårda och Tranemo.

In Komvux, those who age 20 or older can study one or more courses then, for example, continue their studies at a college or a vocational school, or can start working.

We offer the opportunity to study full-time, part-time, or via distance learning. There may also be an opportunity to study certain courses, or parts of courses, at a workplace.

A student who meets the qualification requirements can combine studies at different levels within different types of school. For example, by combining other studies in komvux with instruction in Swedish for Immigrants (SFI).


Komvux uses the A–F grading scale, the same as in upper secondary school. A is the highest grade, and F is a failing grade. Grades must be given for every completed course.


Participants who have completed all core subject courses and other courses amounting to at least 1,750 upper secondary credits, are entitled to a leaving certificate from upper secondary adult education.

Education with less credits entitle the participant to a vocational diploma, certifining that the student has the abilities needed for a certain type of work.


If Swedish isn´t the student first language, he/she can complete their vocational studies with studies in Swedish.
SFI means Swedish for imigrants and is for those who just moved to Sweden.
SVA stands for ”Svenska som andraspråk” (Swedish as second language) and is on upper secondary level.